Nitrous Refilling & Performance Packages

Pro Automotive is also the Hawkesbury’s Nitrous Oxide (N2O) refilling station, with the infamous gas always in stock, on site, and ready to refill bottles for customers at any time.

We have the facilities to fill up to 20lb bottles at a time, and charge a rate of $13.50 per lb, with a $15 filling fee per bottle.

Bang for buck, no other performance modification even comes close to offering what a nitrous package can for your beloved vehicle – phenomenal power and torque increases, user adjustable gains, absolutely no detriment to regular “off nitrous” driving conditions, all for seemingly miniscule outlay.

However, for as long as it has been around, nitrous has been viewed as a somewhat “black art” – for this reason, we have developed some tested and proven N2O upgrade packages to take the guesswork out a nitrous upgrade for your vehicle.

If this sounds some something that might interest you, make sure you give us a call today.