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Pro Automotive uses only the best quality service parts and lubricants to ensure your vehicle receives the care and maintenance it deserves. Experience with your specific vehicle allows us to identify known problems, as well as apply known, effective techniques to ensure optimal reliability. Specific checklists and protocols are followed for every vehicle to ensure a thorough inspection and attention to detail second to none.

Pro Automotive service and repair accreditations include:

  • Light Vehicle Mechanic
  • Heavy Vehicle (Plant & Agricultural) Mechanic
  • AIS Station accredited
  • AUVIS Station accredited
  • ARC Licensed
  • Capricorn Registered
  • MTA Registered
  • I.A.M.E Licensed Repairer
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Diesel Remapping

When your car comes out of the factory, it’s ECU, and by extension engine calibration, is set to deliver performance in a wide variety of operating environments and allow extreme tolerances. In simple words, your car is not optimised for your particular driving style or your location. ECU remapping helps in making adjustments over these factory settings in the car’s computer, tweaks the parameters and tables to meet your desired outputs and improving performance or economy in the process.

Most of the new vehicles are being sold in the market with the de-tuned engine to keep variations of power levels within their product range, while still using the same base engine.

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